Choosing a career that matches your passion is the most challenging decision in any individuals’ career.  Considering the wide variety of career opportunities available, it’s important to have clarity and complete understanding of the job prospects and aspects of the chosen career not only to be successful and established but also to excel in life.   Career Counselling is a personalized guidance to help individuals make that “Right choice”.


The most important thing in this world is happiness and satisfaction. So you should not end up in a wrong career and be unhappy all your life. Moreover, each one of you is born with certain intelligence that varies from person to person. So the first thing is to know yourself – your personality, skillset and inclinations. Take the free Multiple Intelligence Test and understand your Intelligence composition. After all, Newton and Michael Jackson were both successful and intelligent but in their own ways.


Your choice of career should always be based on some rationality and most importantly your likings. Taking up a job just because it is high paying or what someone advised you can be highly damaging to your career in the long run. Your career should ultimately match your personality and skillset. Take the free test based on Holland Code to understand what would be the best career choice for you. After all the best career choice should be the one where your chances of success are maximum.


If you have completed all the tests and received the reports, you must have got a fair Idea about who you are and what should be your right career choice. However you still might have questions and need personal discussions. This might involve your guardians as well. Following are our expert Counsellors who would be more than happy to meet either face-to-face or online and guide you in an appropriate manner. Some of them are psychological counsellors whereas others are career counsellors. You can book a session as per your requirement and meet them. Dear CoolBuddy, please do not hesitate as there is no shame in seeking outside help to sort out your  thoughts and take an informed decision rather than repenting whole life on decisions taken in haste or emotionally. So go ahead, meet them