And finally, once the food is cooked, you just do not dump it on a platter. The best cooked food also may seem uninteresting if it does not look interesting. Garnishing hence is a very important part of prepared a good food. Similarly, once you have cooked up your profile well by being ready with all skills, you need to garnish yourself through the Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI). You have to package your content as well as yourself in a way that looks appealing to the employer. So in this section we will concentrate on these two aspects of GD and PI.


Group Discussion or GD is made of two words, i.e. Group and Discussion. “Group” is a collection of individuals who have regular contact and frequent interaction and who work together to achieve a common set of goals. “Discussion” is the process whereby two or more people exchange information or ideas in a face-to-face situation to achieve a goal.  The companies conduct GD as a short-listing process during recruitment to gauge whether the candidate has certain personality traits such as interpersonal communication n skills, confidence in public speaking, team spirit, leadership abilities, social behaviour and problem-solving skills.


An interview is a purposeful exchange of ideas, the answering of questions and communication between two or more persons. Generally, an interview is a process of private meeting conversation between people, where questions are asked and answered, for obtaining information about qualities, attitudes, prospectus etc. An interview refers to a conversation with one or more persons acting as the role of an interviewer who ask questions and the person who answers the questions acts as the role of an interviewee. The primary purpose of an interview is to transfer information from interviewee to interviewer. Interviews can be formal or informal, structured or unstructured. Interviews can be carried out one-to-one or in groups; they can be conducted over telephone or via video conferencing.

Mock Interviews with Experts

Before you sit for a real interview, give mock interviews to understand how ready you are. The best part of this is that the interviewers are Corporate Gurus from well-known companies. Give a mock interview and get a feedback that will help you prepare better.

Who knows, you might actually someday sit with these experts in a real life interview.