Employability is right combination of knowledge, skills and attitude that makes job seekers more likely to be able to convince the recruiters to gain employment and be successful in their chosen career path. This would benefit the company, corporate world and the community at large. Unlike the popular myth, the real goal for a career aspirant must not end by getting a job; rather it must also aim at retaining the job and flourishing in the career. Employability must instil the sense of competitiveness, goal orientation and engagement in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, volunteering, live project, internship and work experience along with curriculum-based learning. Employability is a long-term, holistic approach and hence it must be practised by all the career oriented people in every stage of their career cycle. It cannot be achieved overnight and hence you have to prepare yourself for the same. Your preparation towards successful career is like making a sumptuous food item that needs sincere efforts in preparing it through several stages, for which you need to identify and nurture your skills with utmost care. At MyCoolGuru, we will attempt to bring every possible resource to you. Congratulations on choosing us because we are growing every day, becoming the best online platform for interview and job selection preparation. And guess what! Once you are ready, you can apply for jobs matching your skills right here on this website. So Ready, Get, Set and Prepare Yourself.


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