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YANA Diet Clinic (For Online Consultation)

Presenting an Exciting Offer that you would not like to miss:

Regular Package: Rs. 500/-

What it offers:

  • A 1-hour one-on-one personalised diet consultation
  • Choose your own dietitian
  • Choose your own consultation time

What it addresses:

  • BMI
  • Personal & family health history
  • Your food preference & choice

Other takeaways:

  • A personalised 7-day Meal plan
  • 2 follow-up consultations for 1 month

Be it exerting in studies, brainstorming for projects, running for tuitions or indulging in sports and extracurricular activities – the growing up phase is a buzzing stage full of activities!

It’s also a phase where peers become one of the greatest influencers! Especially when it comes to food: be it binging on junk and processed foods or be it crash dieting to fulfil the pressuring desire of staying the slimmest amongst the tribe.

However, did you know these practices can end up affecting your nutritional and dietary needs necessary for growth! How about choosing something that takes care of all this and ALSO lets you eat as well as stay fit? Sounds too good to be true, right? But the solution does exist – say hi to YANA Diet Clinic!

A unique online diet clinic, powered by SastaSundar.com, YANA Diet Clinic is about holistic diet plans that will help you eat right and not, less.

The YANA Diet is more than just a diet plan as it pledges to help you achieve balanced nutrition, improve your lifestyle and health without letting you compromise on your favourite food items.


  • By including natural, local, seasonal and fresh food items
  • By instituting moderate portion sizes
  • By incorporating a 2 hours interval between 2 meals
  • By introducing the healthy habit of early dinner 2 hours before sleep

How did YANA Diet Clinic get its name?

Simple! YA = Yes to the Right Diet, NA = NO to Unhealthy Eating (food, manner & time).

*T&C Apply. By availing this service on this portal, you agree to be registered at www.sastasundar.com


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