Terms and Conditions for Onboarding as Partner (Vendor) at
MyCoolMall and MyServices of MyCoolGuru.com
The clauses of agreement between MyCoolGuru (henceforth to be referred as Company) and
the business entities selling goods using MyCoolMall- the e-commerce application and My
Services the ecommerce service platform of the website www.mycoolguru.com
(henceforth to be referred as Partner) are given below.
1. Partners will have to join via website and complete the registration process by agreeing to
the following terms and conditions.
2. Partners will have a user id and password with which partner can login and access their
dashboards. They can also login with mobile no and OTP that they will receive when logging
3. Partner has to provide images of the products in 600 x 600 pixel size in .jpg format of
suitable quality while uploading on the website.
4. Partner should have at least 5 products to upload considering product category, nature of
material, colour, size, shape or any other, in order to be eligible to sell through Company
5. Partner is encouraged to provide short description of the business (at most 100 words) and
detailed description of each SKU for promotional purpose.
6. This agreement is valid for one year starting from the date of acceptance and will be
renewed as decided by the Company.
7. Partner will get free listing as long as the agreement stands valid.
8. All the online and offline promotional activities will be carried out by the Company for
which Partner will not have to pay any amount. However, Partner will have to provide
material deemed necessary for digital or any other form of promotion.
9. Transaction is defined as the end-to-end ordering, delivering and payment process. It
consists of multiple stages, viz.
a.Customers ordering a product by choosing any one of payment methods (Credit
Card, Debit Card, RTGS, IMPS, NEFT, wallet etc.)
b. Packing and despatching and delivering the goods by the Partner to the customers
c. Customers accepting product with no return or replacement.
Partner will get 90% of the sale value and Company will keep 10% of the sale value. The
Partner share will be transferred to the bank account provided by the Partner once every 15
days. The discount, if any, may be decided by the Partner subject to approval of the
Company. However, the Company in every case will keep 10% of the sale value.
In case you are a service provider and your service is listed under My Services then you will
be getting 80% of the sale value and Company will keep 20% of the sale value. Delivering
the service will be the responsibility of the service partner.
10. Partner will be informed about a particular order by the Company website online via
email and will be displayed in the Partner dashboard, as soon as the Company receives it and
the Partner will have to arrange delivery using their logistics partner. Only electronic
payments made to payment gateway of Company will be considered as final order.
11. The agreement could get dissolved in a notice period of 3 months from either side.
12. In case of any dispute and difference, company and partner shall, at the first instance,
seek to resolve the same mutually and in case the same fails, the dispute and difference would
be governed by the applicable and relevant laws.s